Why Publish a book?


A book can be a highly effective marketing tool to capture your corporate culture, case histories and achievements providing a great depth of interest and engagement with your clients and potential clients, new staff or far-flung branches or divisions, and even with potential investors.

As well as informing and educating its target audience, a book has the power to entertain and engage, providing a deeper, one-on-one connection with your organisation. It personalises your organisation and can help establish or reinforce it as an authority in its field.

In a rapidly changing world, a book is also a highly effective way of ensuring that corporate memory is not lost over time and that an organisation’s heritage, the environment in which it grew, and its milestone decisions continue to be valued and appreciated (and that lessons are learnt from mistakes or changing commercial environments). A book can also provide a depth of insight and understanding into how goals have been influenced by an organisation’s heritage, how its vision and mission evolved and how its culture relates to future goals and vision.

There is a place for university-researched and scholarly written books, but probably not if you want your corporate book to act as a marketing tool that is engaging and highly readable. Citrus Press specialises in making histories compelling reading with human interest stories that put the ‘story’ into ‘history’.

A well-produced book has the incentive to be retained as a keepsake that can be referred to time and again with a longevity far beyond advertising and social media.

Citrus Press prides itself in adding value to the manuscripts it works with, through outstanding design, thoughtful and professional editing and marketing inputs. Knowing your reader, creative and inspired writing, sensitive editing and beautiful design are what help make great books. Innovative marketing and promotional know-how is what helps sell great books.